Dock is working on a new platform to help organizations take control over aspects of their verified data in addition to empowering individuals to do the same. Recently, the team has been meeting with various organizations about joining our platform so they can issue verifiable digital certificates anchored on blockchain. Let our team know what type of certificates you want supported so we can target the right organizations.

The goal of our 14th Voting Proposal is to answer the question:

What types of organizations would you like to issue digital certificates on Dock?

The following 5 options are where we feel the biggest opportunities are, but with only so much time in each day we'd love if you could help us narrow this list down even further.

  1. e-Learning Platforms - Examples are Udemy, CodeAcademy, Coursera and the like. e-Learning platforms offer online education for specific subjects or skills and upon successful completion issue a certificate attesting this.
  2. Vocational Licensers - Any organization that provides professional licensing based on completing qualifications or an assessment. These are typically required for a professional to provide their services. Another example would be a company licensing someone to be able to work with their product.
  3. Association or Club Memberships - Fairly self explanatory and covers the widest spectrum of organizations. Country clubs to homeowners associations to dog enthusiasts, a digital certificate from Dock would prove you belong to a specific group.
  4. Training Programs - These organizations offer programs to train someone for a specific skill, use a new tool, or when on-boarding to a new team.
  5. Award Issuers - There are many organizations that acknowledge the exceptional work or actions of individuals or entire companies. An example would be the Supply Chain Excellence Awards.

We recognize that voting using the Dock token can be challenging the first time 'round. To help you with this we have guides in our help center, and have our support team on standby through!

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