The Dock wallet & credential issuing platform are now Verifiable - A place for organizations to issue digital credentials and a digital wallet for individuals to store & share them.

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March marked the largest releases we have had at Dock in our existence. We released a lot of posts on new functionality as well as unveiled our focus on digital credentials.


An exciting new feature we introduced this month is a wallet for individuals to securely store and share digital credentials. A digital credential can be an ID, certification, license, background check and more.

Most individuals do not have easy access to these important records and our goal with the wallet is to change that to make lives more convenient and successful.

With our mission being to give you control over your digital credentials, every piece of data stored in the Dock wallet will be shareable with 3rd parties at your discretion and with complete control. This means you’ll have the ability to grant and revoke access to whomever, whenever.

Background Checks

You can now run a background check on yourself if you live in the US. To provide the highest integrity checks we partnered with Employment Background Investigations, which was ranked #1 enterprise background check company in 2018.

By running a personal background check you’ll be able to see what employers see about you and use the report to improve a job search or apartment hunt with controlled sharing capabilities.

To see if running a personal background check is right for you and to learn about the benefits to doing so read the article on our blog.

Verify Education

Through the Wallet and our integration with EBI, you can officially verify your education and store the record for needs throughout your career. Accessing official copies of educational records is a time consuming process and a requirement for many needs in life. We’ve made it easy to securely store your verified educational record while also being able to approve & revoke access to it at your discretion.

Certificate Import

Another important update is the ability to import existing certificates, badges and credentials to store all of your records and achievements in one place.

We will soon support all major standards of certificates, and as we roll out support for new certificate types your feedback is invaluable in helping us choose what to prioritize. Drop us a comment on the forum regarding what you’d like to see integrated next, we love to hear from you!

Issuing platform

We unveiled a platform for organizations to issue blockchain-anchored credentials enabling instant verification anywhere in the world without going through an intermediary. University degrees, association membership, e-learning achievements, professional designations, licenses and government records are all great example of digital credentials.

The coming months will be packed with updates to the platform as well as acquiring customers. We also have an exciting Dock token update coming in the near future.

New Web Page Designs

We completely redesigned our web pages as part of the big releases with an effort to simplify and focus on Individuals and Organizations. Check out the new site here!

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