The new year started off strong with big open source releases, a new partner going live, upgrading our frontend framework, introducing a new voting proposal, unveiling our new blog and various tests in partnership with

Open Source Release

January marked our largest open source release to date as we shared 21 Plasma Cash smart contracts. These smart contracts will settle data exchange throughout the network and enable scalability through layer 2 operations. We encourage the community to provide feedback and contribute.

New Blog

We moved our blog from Medium to a beautiful new design on our website. We have grown a following of 26,000+ people on Medium but after evaluating the amount of traffic we sent to Medium over the past year, we decided to host our own blog as many other blogs are doing. We will continue to share our posts on Medium, but we want to ensure our blog is the primary source moving forward as we believe we can provide a more seamless experience for our community with this approach.

CanWork Partner Integration Live

Another partner went live in the Dock network and marketplace. CanWork is a global freelance marketplace connecting freelancers to jobs, while nearly eliminating fees and enabling instant cross-border payments. Expect more job search and recruitment partner integrations to come.

Upgrading Frontend Framework

We gradually began upgrading our front-end codebase from Angular to React, which will enable us to improve app performance, load times, rapidly develop new features and provider a much cleaner and more responsive mobile experience. The process of upgrading will be a multi-week process as we upgrade the application in components but you should start noticing an improvement in the coming weeks.

Voting Proposal 12

Proposal 12 went live - vote on a solution you trust to securely store your data. Dock's mission is to give people control of their data and enabling you to choose where you'd like your data stored is part of the process. We ask you to provide your input so we know where to spend our time and resources. If you need help voting you can always contact our support team or hop in our Telegram and ask a mod.

Tests in Partnership with

We partnered with to engage with job seekers and run tests to help verify resume/cv data. Through our partner conversations with job networks, staffing agencies and applicant tracking systems there has been a strong interest in verified data and we are exploring ways to enable job seekers to verify their information to improve a job search and increase the chances of getting hired. We learned a lot through these tests and will be introducing new features this month in the Dock App.

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