The Dock wallet & credential issuing platform are now Verifiable - A place for organizations to issue digital credentials and a digital wallet for individuals to store & share them.

Your Dock account has automatically moved, just login to with your existing credentials to get started.

Dock has a lot of work in progress and we’re introducing a mid-month update to keep our community aware of all updates. As a reminder, you can find our monthly updates in the Updates section of our blog, and you can expect an update half-way through each month as well as continuing with the monthly recap moving forward.

Credential issuing platform updates

  • New email service and client with expanded capabilities and efficiency for organizations
  • Internal services to support the rapid onboarding requirements for new organizations issuing credentials on Dock
  • First implementation of the Dock Credential Verification modal
  • Deployed debugging helpers for the blockchain anchoring component of the Dock Credential Issuing Engine
  • Launched subdomain for permanent hosting of recipient Credentials for public sharing
  • Added further support for the first phase, manual implementation of custom designed Credential templates for issuing organizations
  • Passed successful testing of Dock issued Credentials on external third-party verifiers

Proposal 15: Formats for more frequent Project Updates

There’s a new proposal live for voting which will help Dock determine how we can better communicate with you. As adoption of Dock's all-in-one blockchain anchored digital credential solution grows, we want to make sure our community is up to date with all progress. We've been working tirelessly to bring our work into the spotlight and it is vitally important for our accomplishments and progress to be easily accessible.

Please let us know how we can best reach you.

New advisor, Industry expert Troy Markowitz

We’re thrilled to announce Troy Markowitz has joined Dock as an advisor and will assist in scaling sales, revenue and overall strategy. Troy has an impressive history in digital credential and badging and helped lead revenue at Portfolium from the early days to the recent acquisition by Intructure, one of the largest education technology companies in the world. Prior to Portfolium, Troy spent several years in corporate development and M&A with Dell and BDO. He also contributes to Forbes on topics of digital badging and education and is a thought-leader in the space.  

New design and updated brand  

Our designer, Todd was at it again with a fresh design showcasing an updated brand and identity colors as well as shaping the story of Dock’s issuing platform. We love feedback, so by all means let us know what you think and expect more brand updates throughout the platform.

Retention metrics for the Dock Wallet

We have been working hard to provide value to users and to improve engagement and retention. There are many ways to hack new user acquisition but retaining and reengaging users with the product after initial sign ups is much harder. We are proud to share user retention has steadily improved- 3 months after signing up 14.6% of users log back into the Dock wallet, and in month 4 over 13.9% of people log in and reengage. By most standards, these are impressive metrics but we are always looking to improve!

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