As adoption of Dock's all-in-one blockchain anchored digital credential solution grows, we want to make sure our community is growing right along with it. We've been working tirelessly to bring our work into the spotlight and it is vitally important for our accomplishments and progress to be easily accessible.

Effective immediately we will be making more frequent updates to the community- including mid-month overviews on accomplishments, updates on our technical progress, updates to the Dock token, and more.

To maximize our effort in this area Dock's 15th voting proposal concerns:

Which format should our team use to provide more valuable updates to the community?

  1. AMA's - The Ask Me Anything format will be on our community forum. You'll have the chance to ask the team questions about whatever that AMA's topic is on and receive an immediate response from whoever at Dock can best answer it.
  2. Video Updates - The Dock co-founders and other members of the team will release video updates to highlight and explain progress and other exciting milestones. Easily shareable, this format is effective at spreading Dock's footprint far & wide.
  3. Deep Dive Articles - For those in the community who want to know exactly how the most exciting facets of our solution work, deep dive articles are for you! These will usually be focused on the technical aspects of the project, but we're open to this.
  4. Virtual Community Events - We will announce a specific time for releasing an update or other exciting news, and following the announcement hold a live chat in telegram for the Dock community to discuss and receive further info from the team. This format serves as a fun way to bring everyone together in one place and allows our community to connect with each other in a live setting.

This proposal will have a significant, ongoing effect for our marketing efforts. Even if you've still got DOCK on an exchange or feel the amount of DOCK you hold isn't enough to impact the vote- Proposal 15 is worth making the effort for!

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