We‘re a few days away from the public sale and we are blown away with the support and overwhelming interest from our community. Below are full details of the token sale.

Be aware of scams— Please be on high alert for fake emails, websites and Telegram impersonators. Always confirm you are on the dock.io domain. The only place to find the ETH address to contribute is our website — dock.io.

  • Date and Time: Feb 21st @ 7:00AM UTC (set a reminder)
  • Where — dock.io . The only official source/website (double check the address)


  • Max cap — $20 million
  • Presale — $12 million
  • Public sale — $8 million

The first 4 hours will include a maximum cap per contributor — take your time during this 4 hour window. After 4 hours we will remove the cap, and it is first come first serve for anyone who is whitelisted.

  • Max contribution — per person during the first 4 hours — 1 ETH
  • Min contribution — .01 ETH

Token prices

  • Private presale — $.06
  • Public sale — $.084
  • ETH peg price — $900

Token transfer

Tokens are received immediately after the token sale is concluded. Tokens are not transferable for up to 30 days.

Private recap

We capped the private sale at $12 million USD and had participation from strong institutional and strategic investors around the world. Every private investor has the same terms.

  • 40% bonus
  • 50% of all tokens locked for 4 months

KYC Updates

We are 90% complete with processing KYC updates, and will complete the remaining over the next 24 hours. Roughly three out of four people who submitted KYC info passed.

Unfortunately for people who failed KYC, it’s not possible to respond to each individually and work through issues. It’s a pass or fail. Common reasons for failing include:

  • Expired ID
  • Dubious information
  • Named on a watchlist
  • Missing information
  • False information

What’s Next?

If you are whitelist approved (whitelist.dock.io) — set your calendar for Feb 21st @ 7:00AM UTC.

  • Only trust ONE source — dock.io
  • Do not trust emails — it’s very easy to spoof an email and there are lists of emails from previous whitelists circulating between scammers everywhere.

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