We want to start with a huge thank you to everyone for the overwhelming support.

We reached our $20 million goal quicker than expected and had over 10,500 unique participants in the public sale, and many more who were unfortunately unable to get in. We experienced unprecedented follow through from whitelist registration to token sale participation and are incredibly thankful to our community.

$100,000 Whitelist Airdrop

Many loyal community members didn’t have an opportunity to participate due to overwhelming demand and because of this we are creating a $100,000 DOCK token drop for people on the whitelist who couldn’t participate. If you are one of these people you will receive an email from us. We appreciate you and it’s important for us to include you in our growing network.


The goal with our public sale was to create an inclusive process, while mitigating as much loss as possible to scammers. The longer a sale runs the more opportunity there is for scammers to take advantage of community members, and I’m incredibly proud of how well our team did with the help of an amazing security team, Sentry.

After thorough analysis we found our token sale was one of the largest targets for scammers in ICO history. We managed to limit community members losses to 0.7% when the industry average is 10%, which is an incredible achievement considering the amount of attacks we encountered.

Additional stats on security:

  • 0 data breaches
  • 1,500+ banned impersonators in Telegram
  • 30+ cloned websites taken down with the help of Metamask and Google
  • 8 ETH addresses flagged with real-time help of the Etherscan team
  • 10+ email phishing campaigns

Public Sale Process

Running a public crowdsale process is extremely challenging and the larger the community, the more complex the process becomes. The public sale alone takes weeks to prepare for, the costs reach into hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the responsibility to protect community members is tremendous. Our team had many sleepless nights in an effort to create an inclusive process for our community and we hope that is appreciated in a time where we are seeing more and more successful projects cancel public sales.

Thank you

Your support means everything to us. Now it’s time for the next stage and where we see our strength, execution. Our team thrives on delivering results and world-class project execution and you can expect no less. Thank you for your continued support.

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