Badges & other digital credentials significantly benefit the offerings of LMS systems

The value created by digital badges and credentials affects more than just the organizations issuing them - they also greatly empower the recipients. By receiving and managing digital badges, individuals gain control over their digital identities and can elevate the story of their professional journey.

A digital wallet allows an individual to collect and instantly share information about themselves, and this information can be instantly verified. For example, an individual can complete an online course and get a digital certification. An employer can instantly verify the certification and the individual it belongs to.

With verifiable credentials and decentralized identity, credentials and certifications can be given digitally, and be digitally signed by the new employer.

Leveraging blockchain and verifiable credentials can transform your business

Whether you’re comfortable developing with blockchain or quite unfamiliar with the technical concepts behind it, Dock can help you access its many benefits. Verifiable Credentials (VCs) are an open standard for digital credentials, allowing the accreditation to be verified without any contact with the issuing body.

An individual will complete an online course and receive a digital credential to hold in their digital wallet. The timestamp of when the accreditation was given, how long it is valid for, and any other information needed is stored in a hash on the blockchain. The verifier can request access to the credential on the wallet and will also have access to view the decentralized identity recorded in the blockchain. The holder of the digital wallet has control over their identity and accreditations, and should they wish to, they can send signed copies of their credentials to third parties and add it to social media platforms such as LinkedIn, which can elevate their professional story, and these accreditations can be instantly verified.

In real life…

When someone completes an online course, some organizations provide a PDF format certification. These certifications can be easily forged and it can be difficult to know what accreditations a person has completed. The reality is that employers must verify a candidate’s qualifications they claim to have accomplished, this process to verify - search for the issuing company, call or email, and wait for a response, can take weeks and months.

Fortunately, blockchain technology and digital credentials solve these issues for good. They enable a digital ecosystem of trustworthy communication where each accreditation an individual shares about themselves can be verified instantly.

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