Less than two months ago the Dock Network announced that we had received a grant from the Web3 Foundation to push forward our vision for a decentralized ecosystem producing blockchain-anchored verifiable claims. Following this announcement our core team has been working tirelessly by familiarizing themselves with a deep-dive into Substrate that paves the way for building out the foundation of the Dock Network.

Milestone Submission details

The submission of this first milestone comprises our work to-date and we are happy to share that the Web3 Foundation has reviewed and subsequently approved it. The repo can be found on the Dock Network's github and includes an overview for those who want an in-depth look.

Dock received our grant during wave 3 of the Web3 Foundation's program.

Published in early October, this milestone contains a Parity Substrate 2.0 SRML baseline module for the Dock blockchain. This is essentially a barebones POC of the eventual Dock blockchain with the primary purpose to provide a core chain and module configuration, including:

  • An ERC20 Module based on substrate-developer-hub/erc20-multi
  • A Multi-Token Module - stripped down version of the ERC20 module above
  • A Voting Module imported from edge-voting.

Based on the learnings afforded by this work using Substrate tools and the helpful technical support from both the Web3 Foundation and Parity teams, it is Dock's intention to remain strongly aligned with the leveraging of native Substrate runtime modules.

Additionally, our work on this first milestone has resulted in our team submitting and contributing to 5 Substrate-related PRs and 11 Substrate-related Issues.

Substrate-related PRs:
Substrate-related Issues:

Ongoing contributions

Full details on Dock's open sourcing.

With the recent open sourcing of the Dock Network's codebase we want to reiterate that growing a healthy community of outside developers is a top priority. We will be doing everything we can to make it easy to contribute (e.g. fast pull request reviews, clear & concise documentation, and bounty incentives via Gitcoin) and welcome any size contribution - large or small.

  • If you're interested in contributing or just want to learn more please email us at community@dock.io.
  • If you'd rather dive right in, check out our "Good First Issues".
  • Gitcoin bounties will be live in early November, so be sure to check back soon.

Coming up

While not directly related to this current milestone, we are also making progress on Verifiable Claims production and are looking for active contributors. This work includes deep reviews of current proposals and revisions within the Verifiable Credentials Data Model 1.0 and Decentralized Identifiers and has already resulted in multiple PRs back to Blockcerts.

In the near future we will be releasing updates on the state of these standards and how Dock's solution intends to enable interoperability and trustless verification with Verifiable Claims.

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