We’re pleased to announce that the Dock Association has welcomed Andy Laverty, an expert in finance and corporate governance, as its new member.

At Dock, we believe that maximum participation and widespread adoption are more likely when the network itself is not owned or controlled by any single member, as a network that serves to benefit everyone is far more appealing than one that benefits just the network owner. And as the benefits become decentralized, governance of that network - managing the differing and often competing agendas of its participants while ensuring that the network continues to evolve and improve - becomes increasingly important. This is why we have created in July 2020 the Dock Association, a Swiss non-profit dedicated to overseeing the network’s roadmap, establishing and providing ongoing governance, and promoting adoption of the network.

We believe that Andy’s experience and expertise will be a significant asset to the Association. In addition to working as a highly sought-after consultant in the technology industry, Andy is currently a Non-Executive Director at MaidSafe, which is building an autonomous and decentralised data network that will provide its users with freedom of expression, control over personal data, and a high level of security. Andy has also served as a finance executive at various technology companies, including FNZ, a global fintech company, and Sun Microsystems (acquired by Oracle).

As part of his role in the Dock Association, Andy will participate in the network governance decisions through the new democratic features that we’ve recently introduced to our mainnet. Serving as a member of the Council, he will review and vote on the proposals from the Dock community, as well as advise on managing the Dock treasury and provide strategic commercial and business guidance to the Association. We’re excited to have Andy on board, and look forward to working with him on growing and evolving the Dock ecosystem.

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