August was a busy month between app updates, blockchain scalability test results, new hires and being listed on Binance!

Protocol Scalability Test Results

Everyone in blockchain knows scalability is the biggest hurdle in building a successful application at scale. Our team has been hard at work, with our new Chief Scientist, Bernhard, leading efforts and achieving amazing breakthroughs.

We are very excited about our custom Plasma Cash solution, and early test results have indicated we may be able to reach upwards of 250,000 transactions per second! We’re confident we are close to introducing a new framework that will become a standard for scalability in the Ethereum community. More to share later this month!

We Want to Speak with You

We’re not just building a product, we’re promoting a movement of taking back control of our digital identities, but we can’t do it alone. It’s a war we can only win as a community working together. We would love to hear your feedback.

Safe Scan for Passwords

We released Safe Scan for Emails in July and the response was excellent. We had many requests to be able to search specific passwords — ask and you shall receive. We released Safe Scan for Passwords in August and engagement and results were even stronger.

In the eight days since deploying the new feature, daily user retention increased by 40% for users who used the feature. Expect more useful tools to control your data to come soon.

Import your data from Dock to

We deployed oAuth a couple months back, allowing you to login to using your Dock account, and in August we added the ability to import your information in Dock, allowing new users to instantly onboard and apply to jobs in seconds, saving over 30 minutes in comparison to standard new user onboarding. This is a big milestone and paves the way for 2-way data exchange, saving information and updates from back to Dock and any other apps you’ve authorized.

New Team Members

Bernhard Borges

Chief Scientist — previously at IBM, PricewaterhouseCoopers. Bernhard brings 20 years of world-class experience building complex and highly scalable systems and will lead our blockchain research and development efforts.

George Pu

Product Intern — 3rd year computer science major at University of Waterloo. George will focus on market research, development process and management.

Additional Updates

Our CTO Avneet speaking at Dezentral among some of the brightest minds in the space!

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