In case you missed some of our updates the last few months, here is a recap of our latest technology upgrades and partnerships.

New Partnership With BurstIQ

BurstIQ Makes Health Data Verifiable, Secure, and Portable With Dock

BurstIQ is a company that provides data solutions powered by blockchain technology for the healthcare industry. The company’s LifeGraph platform enables businesses to manage sensitive data while complying with people’s data rights and giving individuals ownership and control over their personal information.

BurstIQ uses Dock’s Certs API in order to turn any health data into a Verifiable Credential that is portable, verifiable, and secure within and outside of their system.

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New Feature

Dock Certs’ New Certificate Designer

The Dock Certs platform enables users to easily issue, verify, and manage Verifiable Credentials and decentralized identifiers (DIDs). We released the Certificate Designer that allows users to customize the design of their credentials with their own brand or preferred style.

Tech Upgrades

1) Anonymous Credentials for the Dock Wallet

With anonymous credentials, the Dock Wallet can now enable users to prove a claim about themselves without revealing the actual details that support the proof. For example, someone could prove they live in an eligible city to qualify for a program without revealing the actual city.

2) White Label Wallet Service

Organizations that don’t want to spend resources building their own wallet can simply use  the functionality of the Dock Wallet and offer their own branded wallet to their customers.

3) New Feature: Communication Between EVM Module and Native Modules

This release will enable developers to build richer dApps with the flexibility of EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) smart contracts and use Dock's native features like DIDs. This was not possible before because the smart contracts didn’t have direct access to the data on the Dock blockchain. With our new feature, the EVM smart contracts can now read data like DIDs, revocation statuses, and more in addition to being able to verify signatures from DIDs and credentials.

4) Circom Language Integration: Anonymous Credentials Protocol Update

Previously, the expressivity of our anonymous credential proving system was limited. The holder could prove things like “I have a credential” or that “certain attributes across my credentials are the same”. But verifiers couldn’t request proofs for more complicated conditions like the sum of certain attributes should be less or more than a certain value.

Examples of these more complex requests:

  • Someone wants to prove that his yearly income is $20,000 or less to show that he qualifies for a government benefit
  • Someone wants to prove that her yearly income is $200,000 or more to show that she is eligible to access an investment fund

Because of these limitations, we updated our anonymous credentials protocol to enable developers to express "predicates" (checks that return true or false) on credential attributes using the Circom language. This language is a developer-friendly programming language that could also be used with our proving system.

Here are examples of applications that demonstrate the use of Circom along with credentials:

1. The blood group is not AB-

2. The grade is either A+, B, or C+ but nothing else

Community Highlights

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Dock’s Web3 ID on Product Hunt

Thanks to our community for helping Dock be the #1 Web3 Product of the Week on Product Hunt! This has given Dock more visibility as Product Hunt is an important site where tech startups announce new product launches. The site has almost 5 million visits every month.

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