July has been an exciting month — we reached 1 million registered users in the Dock App, deployed large releases, and made great progress on R&D for layer 2 scaling solutions for the Dock protocol.

Partner Documentation

After several months of development we released public documentation for partner integrations. This is a huge step in growing the Dock network as partners now have access to documentation for both OAuth and gateway integrations. Partners have begun working on integrations and we will share updates as they go live next month. With over 130 partners in the pipeline, we can expect this effort to accelerate in the coming months.

Protocol Scalability

The original Dock Whitepaper did a good job of explaining the vision and token economy for the protocol. The next step is to design a scalable solution & be ready for the projected network growth beyond millions of users and partners as they begin integrations.

Our team has been researching various layer 2 solutions to minimize on-chain operations, while still providing a decentralized and secure solution. We’ve been working on POC’s with state channels, side channels and Plasma Cash and are getting closer to an architecture that is highly scalable and works per our growth requirements & token economics, which we’re very excited about (and is not easy to do)!

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