Welcome to the last developer update of Q2!

Our focus this quarter has been on implementing the core building blocks of the infrastructure layer that supports the DOCK data exchange protocol. We built the DOCK OAuth Server & the DOCK Protocol Gateway earlier in the quarter & then shifted our focus on proving out the system with our first external OAuth integration with Remote.com.


As a next logical step, last couple sprints we have been building integration where Remote.com receives data from DOCK using the new DOCK Protocol Gateway.

This is a huge milestone for us as the initial one way DOCK protocol experience will soon be working live end to end as a reference implementation!


Coming quarter is going to be all about getting ready for partners & users at production scale. Towards that last couple sprints we also worked on the following

  • Decoupled OAuth server with data exchange layer so partners can opt to use DOCK just for OAuth, if they choose.
  • Improved design of our AWS infrastructure layer to streamline deployment process.
  • Improved proactive performance monitoring & error logging.


While the core foundational pieces for the protocol are being worked on, we are also researching user intent on the App side. To validate our assumptions & finding user intent we ran a series of experiments last couple sprints the results of which will guide us deciding what utilities we build on the app, or the type of companies we seek out to partner with.

Blockchain Progress

The core capability of a decentralized data exchange protocol like DOCK comes from it’s Blockchain layer. While we are getting ready to prove the OAuth Server & the Protocol Gateway with large number of partners, we are also working to enhance our Blockchain based solution design to be more scalable & cost effective.

Last couple sprints we ran design sessions discussing ways we can use off-chain channels as possible option to make the system more scalable. We discussed flows minimizing transactions on chain where most interactions are kept off-chain in a way final state is provable & enforceable on the main chain.

One important aspect we are keeping in mind is that the solution does not only needs to be technically feasible, but also incentivizes the parties enough to close the channel so payments can be made.

Right now we’re deep in R&D phase and we have rather interesting solutions that we think are promising. We’re building PoCs to prove our ideas and make sure they are ready to be integrated in the final design.

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