The team has been working hard on a few different efforts. We will be sharing dev updates with the community every 2 weeks, starting with this update.

Voting v1

We are proud to present our decentralized voting to the community. We wrote and deployed a voting center smart contract on the ethereum network to enable the creation of polls for our community to vote on. The contract is available on the ethereum network at 0x40e5fe540a8426d0f7dcbc181e6261baf77a37aa and code has been published on github.

User Verification v2

We have updated our user verification process. We have removed the requirement for users to be in our telegram group and replaced it with the requirement of users having complete profiles. A complete profile is an important part of becoming a valuable and verified member of the network. We have kept users verified from the initial version of user verification but we recommend that these users complete their profile to get the most out of the app.

Two Factor Authentication

At we strongly believe in security, especially with the data of our users. In an effort to increase security, we are implementing and currently finalizing two factor authentication for user accounts. This extra layer of security will protect users in the case that their email and password become compromised.

Reviews v1

One important feature of the app is the ability to manage your reputation across the web in the form of reviews that you have received from others. For the initial version of this feature, users can import and manage their recommendations from LinkedIn. Gateway Stage 1

A major ongoing project is the gateway which will allow applications to connect to users and other applications in order to exchange data. We have completed stage 1 with the ability for connections between applications and users to be created, as well as the creation of data packages which can be exchanged between applications.

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